The International Scientific and Technical Conference
NSHP 2023
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives and Controls
Pakoszów Palace Piechowice 11-13.10.2023
Honourable patronage of the President of SIMP,
the President of CETOP
and the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Dear Participants

I am pleased to invite you, well-known specialists, to participate in the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives and Controls NSHP 2023", which will be held on October 11-13, 2023 at the Pakoszów Palace in Piechowice near Jelenia Góra.
Our conference, with over 60 years of tradition, is organized by the community of people dealing with fluid power technology, gathered around the Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) and is the only one in Poland that is still held systematically. The high level of the presented papers is a tradition, as evidenced by the publication of reviewed articles in English in the monograph "Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering" of the Springer publishing house and in the scientific and technical journal "Hydraulika i Pneumatyka" or in the monthly scientific and technical "Napędy i Sterowanie".
The conference is international and was held under the patronage of the President of SIMP, the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and the President of CETOP- the European Committee for Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
The long-standing tradition of our conferences is the opportunity to present companies and institutions representing the fluid power drive and control sector and their latest products, services and technologies. This form of the Conference can be an opportunity to establish new cooperation in the field of production, research and export. So, it is necessary to exchange information on the achievements, research and experiences of major scientific and industrial centers, as well as to constantly verify the work of scientific and research institutions with the possibility and purposefulness of engineering and industrial application of new concepts and solutions, along with a system of training specialists in the field of fluid power in line with the needs of the changing market.
We believe that maintaining the classic principle of unity of place, time and issues in the October scenery of the Palace valley in the heart of the Sudetes will foster discussions and establish interesting contacts that will result in the development of the domestic sector of fluid power drives and controls.

Zygmunt Domagała, PhD. Eng.

Head of the NSHP Conference Organizing Committee

Aim of the conference

The aim of the conference is to present the latest scientific, research and technical achievements in hydraulic drives, to exchange knowledge and experience in the use of innovative techniques and technologies, as well as to present the offer of manufacturers in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drives and automation. Our conference has a rich 60-year tradition of specialists meetings in the field of machine hydraulics and contributes to the integration of the scientific community with industry representatives, becoming an excellent opportunity for discussion and establishing contacts. Moreover, it will be traditionally a place where scientific and technical problems are formulated and their solutions are sought together. Environmental protection will be an important topic at the conference.

Scope of the conference

Scientific Committee

• Prof. Jarosław Stryczek Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Chairman of the NSHP Scientific Committee
• PhD. Eng. Urszula Warzyńska Wrocław University of Science and Technology, V-ce Chairman of the NSHP Scientific Committee
• Prof. Marijonas Bogdevicius Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania
• PhD. Eng. Antonino Bonanno CNR-ITAE, Italy
• Prof. Roberto Castila Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain
• Prof. Adam Deptuła Opole University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Ryszard Dindorf Kielce University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Mikhail Doudkin East Kazakhstan Technical University, Kazakhstan
• PhD. Eng. Catalin Dumitrescu Hydraulics and Pneumatics Research Institute, Bucharest, Romania
• Prof. Wiesław Fiebig Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
• Prof. Grzegorz Filo Cracow University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Pedro Javier Gamez-Montero Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
• Prof. Heikki Handroos Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
• Prof. Lozica Ivanović University of Kragujevac, Serbia
• Prof. Ryszard Jasiński Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
• MSc. Eng. Ryszard Jaroń Collins Aerospace Poland
• Prof. Mykola Karpenko Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania
• Prof. Andrzej Kęsy Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poland
• Prof. Wacław Kollek Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
• Prof. Andrzej Kosucki Lodz University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Vasyl Kovalev National Technical University of Ukraine
• PhD. Eng. Sylwester Kudźma Rotary Power, South Shields, UK
• Prof. Edward Lisowski Cracow University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Jean-Charles Maré INSA – Toulouse, France
• Prof. Massimo Milani University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
• Prof. Andrzej Milecki Poznan University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Petr Noskievič VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
• Prof. Piotr Osiński Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland
• Prof. Dariusz Prostański ITG KOMAG, Poland
• PhD. Eng. Robert Rahmfeld Danfoss Power Solutions GmbH and Co OHG
• Prof. Rudolf Scheidl Johannes Kepler University, Austria
• Prof. Katharina Schmitz RWTH Aachen University, Germany
• Prof. Paulius Skačkauskas Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania
• Prof. Andrzej Sobczyk Cracow University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Michał Stosiak Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
• Prof. Paweł Śliwiński Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Jakub Takosoglu Kielce University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Kamil Urbanowicz West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland
• Prof. Andrea Vacca Purdue University, USA
• Prof. Jürgen Weber Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
• Prof. Piotr Woś Kielce University of Technology, Poland

Publication of papers

Conference schedule:
Feb 15, 2023 – Abstracts submission.
Mar 01, 2023 – Abstracts acceptance note.
Mar 29, 2023 – Full articles submission in English.
Apr 26, 2023 – Reviews (round 1).
May 24, 2023 – Revised articles submission.
Jun 14, 2023 – Reviews (round 2).
Jul 05, 2023 – The final version of papers submission.

The full version of the article should be sent to the system using the link below: Springer Nature NSHP2023

The editors of the conference monograph kindly ask the Authors to submit articles that contain new research and describe real advances in research and development in the scientific field. Articles should be edited according to the principles of writing scientific papers, with a clear description of the latest technologies, justification of the research purpose, transparent presentation of methods and results, and presentation of conclusions. Short reports will not be accepted for the monograph, we try to publish articles that are relevant and useful to the readers - scientists, engineers, and specialists.
Please check if the results have not been previously published in another journal. Each submitted article will be checked in the anti-plagiarism system to ensure high-quality conference materials.
The conference organizers do not provide translations of the articles into English or linguistic proofreading. Please pay attention to linguistic correctness and, if necessary, use the services of a translator.
The article should be edited according to the template available HERE and contain a maximum of 10 pages.

Technical questions or questions regarding the preparation of the article may be sent to:

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions,
Editors and Scientific Committee of the NSHP Conference

Articles submitted in Polish and articles not qualified for the Springer publishing house will be submitted for publication in the scientific and technical bimonthly "Hydraulika i Pneumatyka" or in the scientific and technical monthly " Napędy i Sterowanie " after agreement with the authors. It is possible to place advertisements in conference materials.
The cost of one color page is 1000 PLN + 23% VAT (1230 PLN). It is also possible to take honorary patronage over individual conference sessions.

Conference fee

The cost of participation in the conference: 1998 PLN; for PhD students and students: 1783 PLN accompanying person: 1353 PLN. (with VAT). The conference fee does not include the cost of accommodation.

Please send the completed registration form to the conference office by September 15th, 2023.
Click here to download the registration form
Please transfer the indicated fees for participation to the conference office account:

SIMP Oddział we Wrocławiu
ul. J. Piłsudskiego 74, pok. 205, 50-020 Wrocław
PKO BP S.A. Oddział 3 we Wrocław
IBAN: PL 73 1020 5242 0000 2702 0166 8565

Submitted papers

1. Ryszard Dindorf, Jakub Takosoglu, Piotr Woś, Łukasz Chłopek Hydraulic Modules of Mobile Robotic Bricklaying System
2. Guryanov G.A., Doudkin M.V., Kim A.I., Vasilieva O.Ju. New combined centrifuge for cleaning the working fluids of hydraulic drives from mechanical contaminations
3. Christian Haas, Katharina Schmitz Control strategy for a hardware in the loop test bench
4. Achill Holzer, Stephan Koss, Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum, Jacqueline Rosefort, Katharina Schmitz EHLA‐Coated Carbide‐Reinforced Control Plates in Axial Piston Pumps First Results from Real-Life Application
5. Ahmed Zubair Jan, Krzysztof Kędzia, Dariusz Prostański A New Approach in Hydrostatic Drives: “Digital” pumps
6. Mykola Karpenko, Michał Stosiak, Olegas Prentkovski, Paulius Skačkauskas Energy–saving in hydraulic drives in experimental approach and biomimetic similarity
7. Andrzej Kosiara Development and testing of a hydrotronic control system for a prototype test bench for vibration isolation systems
8. Edward Lisowski, Grzegorz Filo Digital control of a vane pump
9. Oleksandr Luhovskyi, Andrii Zilinskyi, Alina Shulha, Ihor Gryshko, Ihor Nochnichenko, Dmytro Kostiuk Technology of hydrogen production from aluminum scrap by using ultrasonic cavitation
10. Ihor Nochnichenko, Vladyslav Kryvosheiev, Oleg Yakhno, Dmytro Kostiuk Experimental study of the phenomenon of luminescence in electrodynamic processes during hydrodynamic cavitation
11. Petr Noskievič, Jan Milata Model Based Design of the Hydraulic Actuator
12. Janusz Rajda, Edward Lisowski, Grzegorz Filo Innovative modular load sensing B-type system for industrial standard ISO 4401 subplate
13. Radu – Iulian Rădoi, Cătălin Dumitrescu, Bogdan Tudor, Șefu Ștefan, Ciprian Culache Mobile Machine with Hydrostatic Hybrid Drive Train
14. Rudolf Scheidl, Bernhard Manhartsgruber Spool Valve Stability and Sealing Land Deformation
15. Tomasz Siwulski, Mateusz Wolter Comparative Tests of the Impact of Modifications to the Hydrostatic Drive System of Blasting Utility Vehicle WS-153/173
16. Justyna Skowrońska, Andrzej Kosucki, Łukasz Stawiński Stand for testing hydraulic actuators with modified working surfaces
17. Michał Stosiak, Łukasz Przybylak, Kamil Urbanowicz, Adam Deptuła, Mykola Karpenko, Paulius Skackauskas Research on a composite micro-hose subjected to harmonic loading. Experimental approach
18. Piotr Stryczek Specificity of designing hydraulic cylinders made of plastics
19. Paulina Szwemin, Wiesław Fiebig, Feng Wang, Piotr Antoniak CFD approach and visualization of fluid flow in a single acting vane pump
20. Pawel Śliwiński The methodology for determining the theoretical and actual working volume of a hydraulic motor based on the characteristics of effective absorbency versus pressure drop in the motor
21. Jakub Takosoglu, Łukasz Chłopek, Kamil Ziejewski, Ryszard Dindorf, Piotr Woś Comparative analysis of the hydrostatic drive system for a midi wheel loader
22. Jakub Takosoglu, Ryszard Dindorf, Piotr Woś, Jacek Jegier, Andrzej Sternik, Henryk Woliński, Jan Marciniak, Jacek Pusz, Jacek Krolski Rehabilitation Tricycle with Pneumatic Drive System
23. Jakub Takosoglu, Kamil Ziejewski, Ryszard Dindorf, Piotr Woś, Łukasz Chłopek Design of the Stand for Experimental Tests of Pneumatic Bellows Actuators
24. Kamil Urbanowicz, Igor Haluch, Anton Bergant, Adam Deptuła, Paweł Śliwiński Effect of simultaneous valve closures in hydraulic piping systems
25. Urszula Warzyńska, Michał Banaś, Jarosław Stryczek Computational and experimental study of plastic valves with 3D printed poppets
26. Piotr Woś, Ryszard Dindorf, Jakub Takosoglu, Łukasz Chłopek Volumetric control of hydrostatic drives according to the principle of the forced flow
27. Tadeusz Złoto, Grzegorz Klimkowski Modelling of the hydrostatic relief in the cylinder block of an axial piston pump
28. F. Kozioł, Parker Produkty elektromechaniczne w odniesieniu do energooszczędności w aplikacjach przemysłowych
29. A. Szeląg, Parker Produkty do zastosowań w aplikacjach wodorowych
30. K. Dąbek, P. Osiński, K. Kędzia Wstępne badania zastosowania przekładni hydrostatycznej z oscylacyjnym przepływem energii
31. Deptuła, Partyka, Urbanowicz, Towarnicki, Łuszczyna, Łapka Oparty na regułach system ekspercki jako narzędzie wspomagające podejmowanie decyzji w analizie wpływu drgań na zawór mikrohydrauliczny
32. Janusz Rajda Badania elementów hydraulicznych do wciągarek cumowniczych i kotwicznych przeznaczonych do pracy w warunkach arktycznych

Conference agenda

Conference agenda HERE


The conference office

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50-020 Wrocław

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